Inverse relationships between bed cycle and myopia

Inverse relationships between bed cycle and myopia


This population-based, cross-sectional study using a nationwide, systemic, stratified, multistage, clustered sampling method included a total of 3625 subjects aged 12–19 years who participated in the Korean National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey 2008–2012. All participants underwent ophthalmic examination and a standardized interview including average sleep duration (hr/day), education, physical activity and economic status (annual household income). Refractive error was measured by autorefraction without cycloplegia. Myopia and high myopia were defined as ??0.50 dioptres (D) and ??6.0 D, respectively. Sleep durations were classified into 5 categories: <5, 6, 7, 8 and >9 hr.


The overall prevalence of myopia and high myopia were 77.8% and 9.4%, respectively, and the overall sleep duration was 7.1 hr/day. The refractive error increased by 0.10 D per 1 hr increase in sleep after adjusting for potential confounders including sex, age, height, education level, economic status and physical activity. The adjusted odds ratio (OR) for refractive error was 0.90 (95% confidence interval [CI], 0.83–0.97) per 1 hr increase in sleep. The adjusted OR for myopia was decreased in those with >9 hr of sleep (OR, 0.59; 95% CI, 0.38–0.93; p for trend = 0.006) than in those with <5 hr of sleep. However, high myopia was not associated with sleep duration.


This research has got the population-established, epidemiologic research to possess a keen inverse relationship ranging from sleep period and you may myopia in an agent people regarding Korean kids.


Myopia the most popular ocular disorder regarding graphic interference globally (Morgan mais aussi al. 2012 ). The prevalence out-of myopia was increasing on a crisis speed, particularly in East Asia and you may South-Eastern Asia, and a lot more much slower for the America, European countries, Israel and Australia (Morgan & Flower 2013 ). The expenses connected with graphic handicap due to myopia include correction out of refractive mistake thru glasses, contacts and you can refractive surgery. At exactly the same time, the newest comorbidities and you can pathological outcomes on the higher myopia can result inside the severe death of eyes and also blindness (Morgan mais aussi al. 2012 ). You’ll find after that personal costs when it comes to loss of efficiency of this myopia. Hence, there’s an expanding significance of ways to avoid the start and you may advancement of myopia.

Risk products for myopia was indeed extensively examined from inside the previous epidemiologic studies (Bowl mais aussi al. 2012 ). Close performs, degree, years, monetary updates and you will level was indeed frequently said to be related that have myopia (Zhang ainsi que al. 2011 ; ). Has just, a greater level of backyard date was shown to enjoys an effective protective perception against myopia growth in one another cross-sectional education (Flower mais aussi al. 2008a , b ) and longitudinal studies (Jones ainsi que al. 2007 ; Jones-Michael jordan mais aussi al. 2011 ; Guggenheim et al. 2012 ). A couple input studies have claimed decreases from inside the myopia by the growing date outside (Wu et al. 2013 ), and a around three-seasons college-dependent input is served by reported positive effects (Guggenheim ainsi que al. 2012 ). It had been postulated you to enhanced sunrays strength outdoors grows dopamine release about retina, and therefore decreases eye progress, and therefore hypothesis has been shown into the several laboratory knowledge on experimental myopia pets (Gao et al. 2005 ; McCarthy mais aussi al. 2007 ; Stone mais aussi al. 2007 ; Feldkaemper & Schaeffel 2013 ).

You will find in past times reported the fresh new quite high prevalence away from myopia and you can highest myopia within the more youthful populations during the urban (Seoul, 96.5% and 21.6%, respectively) and you will outlying (Jeju, 83.3% and you may 6.8%, respectively) areas inside the Southern area Korea ( ). Moreover, i have claimed the fresh rapid secular changes in the fresh incidence off myopia inside a real estate agent Korean human population (Kim et al. 2013a ). These types of change are probably on the extreme investigation demands into the Korean students, just like the Korean youngsters are one of the high writers and singers throughout the globally PISA studies from university efficiency (Morgan & Rose 2013 ). Particularly in their adolescent years, Korean teenagers have also been advertised getting insufficient sleep, particularly in the latest senior years out of twelfth grade (Yang et al. 2005 ; Rhie mais aussi al. 2011 ). We therefore hypothesized one sleep disorder ined so it theory having fun with affiliate people-situated research regarding Korean NHANES training.

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