An additional catchphrase the guy usually states into the battles are: “I can damage that impression of yours!

An additional catchphrase the guy usually states into the battles are: “I can damage that impression of yours!

” When he says which, they always indicates he will winnings the fight he could be currently involved with. Along with the “Eg bad luck” line, that it too possess fallen out from use because of the your into the Brand new Testament, coming back just after the guy chooses to stop Othinus from suicide.

Touma states on multiple era which he just doesn’t see as to the reasons those with amazing vitality might use them due to their very own personal acquire instead of with them to make the world a great better set. Fundamentally, in the event, this will make your not less skilled a character, because he or she is still aware that what they do are worst, even though he can not appreciate this.

Ironically, even with Touma that have of several females interested in him, he has got revealed zero apparent intimate destination in it. However, Touma stated that the guy especially prefers Dorm manager Onee-san (elder sister) models, [27] as it is happening having Kanzaki Kaori as he dreamed their putting on the latest bikini employed by Directory inside Angel Slide incident, [28] and you may asking a kiss out-of Oriana Thomson when they basic satisfied. [29] The guy even offers found awareness of the alternative sex when involved with them inside the embarrassing facts, such as for example their encounter which have Oriana Thompson into the Daihaisesai. Regardless of this, Motoharu means Touma because the someone who has strong notice-handle who will perhaps not attack ladies that are resting (because the found because of the his actions around Index). [30] Despite this, the fresh narration claims one to Touma is not a pure Saint in regards to their appeal on the opposite sex. [25]

Because of their identification, former antagonists toward his section of the series such as Stiyl Magnus, Accelerator, Agnese Sanctis, Vento of your own Front side, Hamazura Shiage, Lessar, Cendrillon, and you will Othinus are his allies.

Depending on the journalist, Touma basically identifies someone of the their “first-name” (i.elizabeth. title you to definitely actually become first-in its name buy), so he complements Stiyl getting Stiyl Magnus and you may Tsuchimikado to own Tsuchimikado Motoharu. [31]


Touma matches his allies and you will friends out of the blue, and additionally they let each other in lot of issues. Their contact with Touma had been shaped due to many and varied reasons:


Touma opinions List because the an individual who he’s to safeguard at all costs. Despite once you understand this lady simply for an extremely limited time, he decides to mask his memory loss of the girl to protect this lady thinking as he try captivated by the lady ‘perfect smile’. Directory lifestyle having him that is a constant drain toward his information due to the girl astounding appetite. It is unknown in the event that Touma feels some thing close into the Index, however, the guy do proper care profoundly on the girl. A few of his procedures on facts are due to your handling their better-are, to the point one to shagle Stiyl also used which so you can their advantage to coerce Touma in helping their purpose, and to deceive both secret and you may science sides.

List is the only individual at this point for admitted this lady feelings to possess him, but because of their memory loss he cannot understand what type out of relationships that they had prior to now therefore he sets the problem for the keep. He has already been kissed to your cheek of the the girl throughout the newest Daihaseisai, albeit occur to, and that made it shameful so that they can safely correspond with for every most other later on.

It has also been pointed out that, before and after dropping his thoughts, Touma was scared of shedding people experience of her which she may leave his front side 1 day.


The partnership ranging from Othinus and you will Touma come as one of shared opponents, which have Touma watching Othinus as one of the really dangerous foes he had actually ever confronted. Because the chief away from GREMLIN, Othinus caused the Hawaii experience together with Baggage Urban area event, all of hence considerably impacted Touma. But they hardly satisfied physically for some of the Gremlin Tale, its earliest come across plus finished which have Othinus cruelly smashing Touma’s arm and you may seeking to kill him in the place of a moment away from concern. While you are she approved Think Breaker once the a threat, Othinus considered that Touma themselves is nothing but an individual who does not discover their devote the nation, actually heading as much as to-break his will by making lots of vicious globes to display him just how pitiful they are.

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